Are you planning to replace a tooth that’s missing? Are you arranging to have a “bad” tooth removed? Planning your tooth replacement ahead of time will help keep your bite aligned, minimize embarrassing situations, and allow you to eat your favorite foods. Fixed bridges and dental implants in Jacksonville are the two most common tooth replacement options available at Jax Dentures and Implants.

Which treatment is most effective? Implants and bridges work in different ways, so it is important to weigh the advantages of each. For many years, dental bridges have been the most popular type of tooth replacement. But now that dental implants are widely available, they’re a great option too.

Here are the top things to remember when comparing dental implants vs. bridges:

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgically implanted, sterile titanium posts that replace the anatomical root of your missing tooth. When installed, implants are supported by your bone, which fuses to the threaded dental implant surface.

Depending on which tooth is being replaced during the procedure, you may need to extract a tooth first. Then, you’ll want to let the area heal before you insert an implant. This additional time will be needed for the bone to be strong and healthy enough to support the implant. This process can take 3-4 months or longer.

After the implant has been secured in place, our Jacksonville dentists will attach the abutment on top of it, which will support a crown.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a prosthetic dental restoration that’s custom-made in a dental laboratory. It’s composed of three crowns, which are connected together side-by-side. The outer “teeth” fit over your natural teeth, similar to a traditional crown. Then to replace the missing tooth, a solid crown is attached between them and suspended over the open space.

Before placing a bridge, our dentist will reshape the adjacent teeth. This allows the restoration to fit over them properly. The process usually requires two visits, allowing the bridge to be made at our lab.

Although dental bridges are durable, they require regular maintenance to protect the natural teeth supporting it. Even though bridges are quicker than getting dental implants, some dentists and patients do not like the idea of having to alter the structure of healthy, natural teeth.

Who Can Get Implants or Bridges?

You can think of losing a tooth similar to removing a book from the shelf. If you wait long enough, the ones on the opposite side of the opening will start to tilt out of alignment. All the other teeth will follow their lead.

Replacing a tooth that has been lost due to an accident or extraction is the ideal way to preserve natural tooth alignment. And if you’re getting a dental implant in that space, it’s like having a natural tooth all over again.

Jax Dentures and Implants offers both bridges and dental implants because we know that people deserve options. No one treatment is right for everyone. Our dentists will discuss the benefits of each restoration with you based on your particular situation. That way, you can feel confident about your decision.

What About Implant Supported Bridges?

What if you need to replace several missing teeth at once? In the past, you would have worn a partial denture. But now, we can support a permanent bridge in that area using two to three implants without having to reshape the neighboring teeth. The permanent bridge attaches to the implants and offers a permanent solution.

Why Choose Implants Over Bridges?

Although a bridge may seem “cheaper” than an implant, there are more factors than just the initial cost of treatment. If you consider the price of replacing your bridge every now and again, you’ll almost double the cost of dental implants over your lifespan. Implants offer more value for money when it comes to their longevity and performance.

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