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When you look your best, you feel your best. When you feel your best, you do your best.

When you have your smile restored at ATL Dental Implants, you will notice not only a change in your smile, but a total transformation of your appearance and well-being. Our results speak for themselves.


“My passion unequivocally lies not only in implant dentistry but in the restoration of confidence and well-being with precision and care.” – Dr. Skyler Holcomb


Our doctor works day in and day out directly with our technician team to achieve a perfect smile that fits you and only you. We are proud to show our work and transformation photos speak for themselves.

Atlanta’s Premier Full Mouth Implant Center

Full Mouth Implant Solution treatments (also known as all-on-4 implants) are best for people who desire full chewing ability, high aesthetics, and a non-removable option. These teeth are completely lifelike and will be indistinguishable from natural teeth or veneers.


Single Arch $19,000

Both Arches $36,000

  • Teeth as fast as same day
  • Custom designed and fabricated. Extremely aesthetic pure monolithic Zirconia
  • Up to 100% chewing power
  • Immediately available to eat soft foods
  • Permanently fixed and removed by the dentist for cleaning, typically 1x/year
  • Five year warranty

Dreamline Titanium

Single Arch $22,000

Both Arches $43,000

  • Strongest option
  • Titanium frame with Zirconia overlay is the ultimate, highest strength option and nearly indestructible. This is the longest lasting and top of the line option
  • Up to 100% Chewing power
  • Immediately available to eat soft foods
  • Permanently fixed and removed by the dentist for cleaning, typically 1x/year
  • Five year warranty

Why ATL Dental Implants

Our #1 goal is to provide top of the line treatment at an affordable price. How do we achieve this?:

Focus on a select range of services.

While most dental offices provide root canals, fillings, crowns, braces, etc, we focus exclusively on dental implants, extractions, and dentures.

Extensive implant training

Dr. Holcomb focuses on dental implant surgery and restorations. This extra training has given him the skills and techniques to perform these procedures thousands of times with great success.

State of the Art Technology

We utilize ground breaking technology in the form of 3D scanners, CAD/CAM milling, 3D printers, and more that provide the most accurate restorations that are then hand finished by our highly trained technicians to give your teeth that lifelike appearance that everyone desires.

Don’t just listen to us. See our Transformations and Patient Testimonials now!

Why You Should Choose ATL Dental Implants


​Acrylic prefabricated temporary dentures Final, Custom made Permanent Teeth
Months to deliver Permanent teeth Anywhere from 4-12 months depending on process All on 4 bridge delivered as fast as same day
Multiple Surgeries One Surgery
One Size Fits All approach Custom designed for Each patient
Multiple Visits to the Dentist over months or even years to finish As few as 3 visits and You’re Done!


Real Photos. Real Results. What you see is what you can expect.


With so many options, getting the treatment you need is easy. We’ll do anything to help you get there. We make it easy with financing options that work for your life.